CSE has received orders for more than 500 sets of HPSCR denitrification equipments

Recently, with the 40,500DWT bulk carrier project signed between China State Shipbuilding Corporation Engine (CSE) and Jiangmen Nanyang Ship Engineering coming into effect, the product order of CSE-HPSCR denitrification equipment independently developed by CSE has exceeded 500 sets, achieving a milestone breakthrough, which is an important achievement of CSE in technological innovation, product research and development, and market promotion.

CSE-HPSCR system is a denitrification equipment for low-speed engines designed by CSE, which can effectively reduce the content of NOx emissions. The system fully meets the IMO Tier III emission regulations and the relevant regulations of each classification society, and features the advantages of high efficiency, good shock resistance and high degree of automation. Also, it can achieve good matching effect with MAN and WINGD main engines, and can be widely used in bulk carriers, container ships and other ship types.

CSE owns completely independent intellectual property rights of CSE-SCR denitrification equipment, which has formed an integrated production and manufacturing process that is completely independent and controllable from design to welding, processing and commissioning.

With many years of experience in manufacturing core components such as gas turbines for power generation for international energy giants, CSE has rich experience and technology accumulation in duplex stainless steel welding and large-scale structural parts processing, uses advanced technologies and processes to fully guarantee the output of trustworthy high-quality SCR products.

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