SMDERI wins order for methanol-fuel medium-speed engines with over 90% substitution rate

On May 15, Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research institute (SMDERI) held a performance demonstration and technical seminar of 210mm cylinder methanol fuel Marine medium speed engine.

More than 50 representatives from higher authorities, shipowners, design institutes, OEMs and institutes were invited to attend the meeting to witness the demonstration of performance indexes and the whole process of switching to dual-fuel mode of China’s first CS21DF-M methanol-fuel medium-speed engine with a substitution rate of more than 90%, as well as the in-depth discussion on the future development of methanol-fueled engines and their industrial applications.

It is understood that CS21DF-M methanol-fuel medium-speed engine has a cylinder bore of 210mm, a single-cylinder power of 200kW, and the whole engine power can cover 800-1800kW, with a rated speed of 1,000r/min, and the highest substitution rate of more than 90%, which can reduce 60% of NOx and up to 99% of sulfur oxides emissions.

The achievement of 90% methanol substitution rate marks that China has become one of the few countries in the world with the ability to develop high substitution rate methanol dual-fuel medium-speed engines. Under the independent development of the high substitution rate methanol medium speed machine, the project will also drive the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream industry chain, leading the green low-carbon transformation of ship power, and will also create a new economic growth point for the green development of the industry.

It is worth mentioning that SMDERI signed cooperation agreement with Shanghai Dingheng Shipping Technology and Wuhan Chuangxin River-Sea Transport of CS21DF-M methanol-fueled medium-speed engine for 5300 DWT stainless steel chemical ocean-going vessels and 15,000 DWT river-sea direct vessels respectively at the seminar.

According to the agreement, SMDERI will provide products for the two companies one after another in 2025, opening the prelude to the market application of China’s own brand of methanol-fuel medium-speed engines.

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