Dalian Shipbuilding Obtains Order for 3 LNG carriers

On August 31st, Dalian Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China National Heavy Industry Corporation (CNHIC) under China Shipbuilding Group (CSSC), together with China Shipbuilding Trading (CSBC), successfully undertook the newbuilding of three large-scale 175,000 m3 liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers for COSCO Shipping Energy and Sinopec Kantons Holdings.

The shiptype of this project is developed by Dalian Shipbuilding independently.The total capacity of the 4-cargo-holds is 175,000 m3 with GTT’s proprietary Mark III Flex cargo containment system.The Liquid Cargo System is for LNG cargo transportation only and equipped with a re-liquefaction system.Every LNG carrier will install two WinGD LNG dual-fuel low-speed main engines with integrated iCER system, which reduces oil and gas consumption while making it possible to meet the most stringent IMO emission standards in both oil and gas modes.The vessels can dock at most of the world’s major LNG shore stations, with excellent portability and ship-to-shore compatibility.Equipped with 4 sets of dual-fuel electrical generators, the optimized design can meet the electrical load demand of the whole ship under different working conditions.The three 175,000 m3 LNG carriers contracted for the project are classed by CCS.

The three new vessels are expected to be delivered on March 31, 2027, June 30, 2027 and April 30, 2028, respectively.

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