Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipbuilding kicked off a new ship

January 24, JiangXin shipbuilding belonging to Jiangxi Military Industry Group started an emergency response vessel construction project.

The ship is an emergency response vessel for ecological environment law enforcement and monitoring, designed by Guangzhou Marine Engineering Corporation (GUMECO). The ship measures 57 meters in overall length, 10.3 meters in width and 4.6 meters in depth.

Equipped with twin engines and twin propellers, the ship is a double rudder stern model with a speed of not less than 15 knots, a range of not less than 1,500 NM and a self-sustainability of not less than 20 days and nights. The ship is equipped with bilge keel, rocking reduction equipment and bow thrusting device, with good heading stability and maneuverability, domestic offshore navigation area.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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