Qiyao Environ Tec Delivers World’s First Full-Process Onboard Carbon Capture System

On January 18th, Shanghai Qiyao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (Qiyao Environ Tec), a subsidiary of Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research institute (SMDERI), successfully completed the sea trial and delivered the Onboard carbon capture system (OCCS) under the witness of shipowners, classification societies and other units. The system is independently developed by Qiyao Environ Tec and is suitable for 15,000 TEU large container ships, meeting the technical requirements and design standards in all performance indexes.

It is reported that this project is the world’s first CO2 capture system covering the whole process of absorption, compression, liquefaction and storage on board, which is the achievement of Qiyao Environ Tec’s years of deep cultivation in the field, and is of great significance to promote the construction of industry standards and support IMO’s strategic decision on greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Onboard carbon capture technology utilizes an amine-based absorbent to selectively capture and separate CO2 from the ship’s exhaust. Simultaneously, the enriched CO2 is compressed and liquefied into liquid form for transportation, sequestration or utilization. The carbon capture system mainly consists of absorption module, regeneration module, compression and cooling module and storage module.

Qiyao Environ Tec has successively made key technological breakthroughs such as high-efficiency CO2 capture, low-energy CO2 separation, low-temperature CO2 deep liquefaction, etc. and developed a marine carbon dioxide capture system with independent intellectual property rights, with a comprehensive CO2 capture rate of more than 80%, a CO2 liquefaction rate of more than 99%, and a liquid CO2 purity of more than 99.5%. Meanwhile, the system energy consumption is greatly reduced by using new adsorbents, zoning process parameters control and other core technologies, with all indicators reaching the international leading level.

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