Samsung Heavy Industries delivers a 180,000 m3 LNG carrier

Samsung Heavy Industries recently delivered a 180,000 m3 liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, the Celsius Glarus, to Celsius Tech, a subsidiary of Danish shipping company Celsius Shipping. Celsius Tech, a joint venture between Celsius and Fleet Management, is responsible for the management of this newbuilding LNG carrier and other Celsius vessels.

The Celsius Glarus is the first of two additional LNG carriers that Celsius ordered from Samsung Heavy Industries in 2021, with the second expected to be delivered in 2024. The vessel will be chartered by Clearlake Shipping, a subsidiary of Gunvor, which has signed a long-term charter agreement with Celsius for four LNG carriers.

To date, Celsius has ordered a total of 14 180,000 m3 LNG carriers from Samsung Heavy Industries, aiming to grow its LNG carrier fleet. The series of LNG carriers will be equipped with a new generation of LNG dual-fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) to reduce methane leakage and significantly improve fuel efficiency. The vessels are equipped with GTT’s Mark III membrane sealing system. It is also equipped with SAVER Air II, an air lubrication system developed by Samsung Heavy Industries, which reduces frictional resistance between the ship and seawater to improve fuel efficiency, and SVESSEL, a smart ship solution that enables economical and safe operations.

In addition to Samsung Heavy Industries, Celsius has ordered a number of 180,000 m3 LNG carriers from CChina Merchants Heavy Industries Haimen shipyard(CMHI Haimen shipyard). The first vessel started on October 23, 2023 and is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2025.

This 180,000 m3 LNG carrier is the first large-scale LNG carrier constructed byCMHI Haimen shipyard. It is jointly developed by Deltamarin, a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, and CMHI Haimen shipyard, with independent intellectual property rights, and is a typical representative of the transformation and upgrading of China Merchants Industry to promote high-quality development. The ship has an overall length of about 298.8 meters, a beam of 48 meters, a depth of 26.5 meters, a design draft of 11.5 meters, a service speed of 19.5 knots and a range of 22,000 nautical miles.

At the end of December 2022, CMHI Haimen shipyard signed a contract with Celsius for the construction of 4+2+2 180,000 m3 LNG carriers. On the day of commencement of the first vessel, Celsius announced the commencement of 2 vessels and the addition of 4 optional vessels, bringing the number of LNG carriers undertaken by CMHI Haimen shipyard to 12.

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