DSIC Delivers 16,000 TEU Container Ship “MSC ORSOLA” Ahead of Schedule

On January 4, the 16,000 TEU container ship, which built for MSC by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry co.,ltd.(DSIC), was named and delivered 72 days ahead of schedule. The vessel was named “MSC ORSOLA”.

The ship measures about 366 meters in overall length, 51 meters in beam, 30.2 meters in depth, 14.5 meters in design draft and 17 meters in structural draft, and it can carry 16,520 standard containers and 1,800 reefer containers. The container features class symbols such as LNG-READY, Enhanced Fire Fighting, and One Man Pilot, which maximize the ship’s green, energy-saving and environmental protection as well as the safety and economy of its operation.

The ship is of conventional fuel type, equipped with open and closed dual mode desulfurization system. The main engine and generator are each equipped with an independent scrubber tower, and the fore and aft double-island arrangement is suitable for unlimited navigation area.

The main engine is equipped with green environmental protection systems such as high-pressure SCR denitrification and hybrid scrubber desulphurization, which meets the requirements of the latest norms and rules and various pollutant gas emission standards, and it is a full life cycle green ship that meets the energy saving and environmental protection requirements at all stages from design to operation to ship dismantling.

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