Headway’s Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage System Awarded CCS Principle Approval

Recently, the Ocean Guardian Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage System independently developed by Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. has officially obtained the Approved-in-Principle (AIP) certificate granted by China Classification Society (CCS). This is the third AIP certificate from an authoritative classification society after DNV and RINA, marking that Headway has been at the forefront of the industry in the field of onboard carbon capture system, and its innovative research and development strength and technological level have been widely recognized by the industry.

Based on IMO EEXI and CII rules, Headway’s Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage System is able to independently calculate and adjust the amount of carbon dioxide collected to meet the requirements, and it has many advantages, such as high decarbonization efficiency, small size, low energy consumption, convenient storage and transportation, and so on.

The catcher unit adopts the latest technology, which greatly accelerates the CO2 capture process while greatly reducing the size of the catcher and making it easier to install and transport. In addition, the system is able to collect and utilize waste heat and excess steam generated during ship operation, saving about 40% of energy consumption compared to traditional capture systems, and reducing ship fuel costs by about 25% in combination with the Ocean Guardian Ship Exhaust Desulphurization System.

In recent years, Hydraway has gradually developed low-carbon solutions for shipping with carbon capture and reuse systems, exhaust gas desulfurization systems and methanol fuel supply systems as its core, and the related products have gained continuous recognition in the industry.

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