Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry successfully delivered 6600 DTW rocket transportation ro-ro vessel “FERRYMAR”

Recently, the 6,600 DWT rocket transport ro-ro vessel “FERRYMAR”, which was designed by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute (SDARI) and built by Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry for France MARFRET Company, was successfully delivered. It is China’s first rocket transportation ro-ro ship, which is used to deliver the latest Ariane 6 launch vehicle to the French Guiana Space Center.

The vessel is equipped with twin medium-speed engines and twin propellers, allowing it to float in and out of the shallow water channels of French Guiana. It is equipped with ultra-high cargo hold, with excellent cargo-taking capacity, which can load all the components and accessories of “Ariane 6” launch vehicle, as well as various kinds of cars and large and heavy vehicles such as trucks, trailers, etc., and lifting or forking containers and other packaged goods. And it is also suitable for the transportation of hazardous materials and refrigerated containers.

The vessel applies new technologies such as low-wave drag-boosting bowline S-BOW and double aft-fin line, double twisted rudders with rudder ball, frequency-controlled double bow-lateral thrust, anti-transverse tilt system, high-voltage shore power system, and low-pressure selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. As a result, the ship has remarkable energy saving and emission reduction effect, meeting TIER III emission requirements with EEDI 38.5% below baseline.

The ro-ro vessel FERRYMAR will better serve man’s new round of space exploration and will become a link to enhance the economic ties between the Caribbean islands, creating a larger market for local industrial development and bringing greater economic benefits and social impact to the shipowning company.

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