CIMC Raffles Delivery “Boqiang 3060” Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

On December 24, “Boqiang 3060”, a wind power installation vessel designed and built by Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Technology Group (CIMC Raffles), was officially named and delivered.

As the latest generation of deep-sea integrated large wind power installation vessel in China, this vessel has a total length of 133 meters, a beam of 53 meters, a depth of 11 meters, and a maximum operating depth of more than 70 meters. The maximum speed of the ship is 8.4 knots; the total variable load is 11,000 tons. And the deck working area is about 4800 ㎡, which can meet the transportation and installation of 4 sets of 12MW or 3 sets of 16MW offshore wind turbines, which is the only new-generation wind turbine installation vessel capable of transporting the whole tower drum in China at present.

Besides, self-propelled vessel is equipped with one 2200-ton pile-winding offshore crane manufactured by Huisman, which can meet the future installation demand of 20MW-class wind turbines. The length of the pile leg is 120 meters (can be extended to 136 meters), equipped with 8-inch rack and pinion plate, which has better fatigue and abrasion resistance, and better impact resistance. The vessel is designed to meet the operational requirements in Chinese waters, Southeast Asian waters and European waters, and is classified by CCS.

The vessel is the ” best in China” in terms of operating water depth, deck variable load, lifting and hoisting capacity, etc., and is characterized by longer working period, higher installation efficiency, lower carbon emission, and more economical operation.

As one of the important clean energy sources in China, the large-scale development of offshore wind power has a significant impact on the realization of the “3060” dual-carbon target. It is reported that after delivery, the “Boqiang 3060” wind power installation vessel, it will be prioritized to provide offshore wind power installation services for Huadian Heavy Industry.

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