Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard Completed the Project of Methanol Dual-Fuel Engine Conversion for the First Container Ship

On December 22nd, Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard Co., Ltd. completed the methanol dual-fuel main engine modification project for MSC RIKKU (340M*46M), a container ship under MSC.

It is understood that this vessel is the first dual-fuel main engine conversion project of Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard. After scientific preparation and intense construction, Huafeng Shipyard has completed the projects of dual-fuel main engine modification, hybrid desulphurization modification, propeller replacement and conventional docking repair.

After the replacement of the main engine, the diameter of the cylinder liner of the ship is changed from 960MM to 720MM, and it can use dual fuel, which will greatly save energy consumption. Also, the modification of the desulfurization tower can effectively reduce sulfur dioxide emissions and protect the ecological environment.

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