Yuchai Marine Power Signs Contracts for 12 Bulk Carrier Engines with Bestway Marine & Energy Technology

On December 22, 2023, Yuchai Marine Power signed a contract for 12 units of 5S50ME-C9.7-HPSCR main engines with Bestway Marine & Energy Technology. This batch of main engines will be used for the 40,400 DWT series bulk carriers constructed by Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

In September this year, Yuchai Marine Power started its first cooperation with Bestway Marine & Energy Technology and Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry, signing a contract for 6+5 sets of 6S50ME-C9.7-HPSCR main engines.

It is reported that the current hand-held orders of Yuchai Marine Power scheduled to 2026, Zhuhai plant is full of production tasks.

Yuchai Marine Power has successively obtained permission from WinGD and MAN to lease the equipment and facilities of Rong’an Power for the production of YCMP-WinGD and YCMP-MAN B&W low-speed engines, a move that will enable it to better satisfy the market and customer needs. Rongan Power, as the leasing and manufacturing base of Yuchai Marine Power, has a production capacity of large-bore, low-speed diesel engines, which complements Yuchai Marine Power’s production capacity of small- and medium-bore, low-speed engines.

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