Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Delivers the World’s Largest Multi-Purpose Pulp Vessel Green Santos

On December 22, Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, named and delivered the 77,000 DWT multi-purpose pulp carrier “Green Santos”, which was built for BOCOMM Leasing. This vessel is the world’s largest multi-purpose pulp carrier delivered in China.

Green Santos has an overall length of 225.0 meters, a beam of 32.26 meters, a depth of 21.0 meters and a design speed of 15 knots.The cargo hold is well sealed and dry, which can fully guarantee the quality and safety of pulp cargo transportation.

Meanwhile, the ship has upgraded the “foldable frame for commercial vehicles” and added the “one-to-one” temperature monitoring and warning system for new energy vehicles, which can safely transport new energy vehicles while safely transporting imported pulp in high quality and help China’s new energy vehicles to “go to sea in large quantities”. In addition, the cargo hold is highly adaptable and can transport a wide range of cargoes such as high-speed rail trains, wind power equipment, large machinery and equipment, and ultra-long and ultra-heavy steel pipe pile structures.

The 77,000 DWT multipurpose pulp vessel is a new ship type optimized and upgraded by Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry on the basis of the 62,000 DWT and 68,000 DWT. Not only has its cargo loading capacity been greatly improved, but its green performance has also been further upgraded.

This series of ships meets the highest requirements of international conventions (Tier III) in terms of pollutant emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The vibration and noise meet the requirements of the Green Eco-Ship Code, which is the latest standard issued by CCS. Moreover, it far exceeds the requirements of International Maritime Organization Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index Phase III (EEDI Phase III).

The vessel “Green Santos” will be put into operation immediately after delivery. It is understood that the vessel’s maiden voyage will be to load new energy vehicles and other goods from China’s ports for export overseas.

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