CMHI Haimen shipyard formally put the carbon steel flange robot automatic welding station into production

Recently, China Merchants Heavy Industries Haimen shipyard (CMHI Haimen shipyard) officially scheduled to operate its carbon steel flange robotic welding station.

The machine adopts advanced automatic control technology, which can automatically map the welding path and match the welding process without programming. The device realizes accurate automatic welding of pipe casing and pipe flange through infrared vision weld scanning system, filling the blank of equipment compatible with casing and flange welding function.

The operation of the carbon steel flange robotic welding station has greatly improved the production capacity of the pipe intelligent production line and the completion rate of the pipe line, increased the choice of scheduling process routes, and optimized the process structure of the products on the line. The high degree of automation of the equipment greatly improves productivity and welding quality, more than one times compared with the conventional welding efficiency.

At present, CMHI Haimen shipyard is continuing to introduce advanced production technology and management concepts, and increase the technical reform efforts to further enhance the production capacity and product quality.

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