The 4000-ton full slewing crane vessel “Haiyang Fengdian 76” designed by SDARI was successfully launched

Recently, the 4,000-ton full slewing crane vessel “Haiyang Fengdian 76”, which was independently developed and designed by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute (SDARI) and built by Jiangsu HTWG Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Hantong Group Co. was successfully launched with the help of “Hannasan”, the 22,000-ton launching vessel.

The 4000-ton full slewing crane is designed with a single port side arrangement. The maximum lifting capacity of the vessel is 4000 tons, and the lifting height can reach 145 meters above the main deck, which is equivalent to a 50-story skyscraper. Besides, the vessel is equipped with DP-2 class power positioning system, which can realize rapid and precise positioning in deep and distant sea.

The vessel is capable of carrying out various wind power engineering operations in offshore wind farms, and can meet the foundation lifting requirements of 12~20 MW main models. The functions of the vessel mainly include construction operations such as lifting of support towers, nacelles and blades, and wind turbine foundations, as well as other offshore lifting or support operations. After delivery, the vessel is expected to be able to complete the installation operation of the foundation of about 60 deep and distant sea high-power wind turbines per year, which can provide about 218.4 MW of green power.

The vessel features the following four major advantages in offshore wind power construction:

Strong lifting capacity. The maximum lifting capacity is 3,000 tons when full slewing, and the maximum lifting capacity is up to 4,000 tons when double hooks are fixed at the end, which can easily meet the demands of various large-scale overall wind turbine installations, large-scale pile foundation constructions (including conduit racks), booster stations, and large-scale offshore component installations.

Excellent Emergency Response Capability. A set of steel helideck is installed at the bow, which can be used by Sikorsky S92 helicopters for landing and taking off operations, and can easily cope with emergency situations during offshore lifting operations, and effectively protect the crew’s lives.

Great cargo carrying capacity. The deck area is more than 6,500 m2, close to the size of a standard soccer field, and the deck is designed for large loads, which can effectively meet the storage of relevant wind turbine components in offshore wind power installation operations.

Enhanced positioning capability. The eight-point mooring positioning system is able to “grip” the seabed tightly and effectively meet the lifting operation within the maximum operating depth. The power positioning system, which consists of three full-swing electric thrusters and three tube-tunnel bow thrusters at the bow, enables the ship to remain stable under Class 8 winds, and ensures rapid attitude adjustment in the operation area and flexible and accurate positioning in the construction area.

It is understood that SDARI has independently developed 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000-ton full slewing crane vessels, etc., which can meet the full range of coverage from small to large full slewing crane vessels, marking a further increase in the market share and industry influence of offshore wind power business.

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