Huanghai Shipbuilding Delivered an 8200 DWT Multipurpose Vessel

On December 19, 2023, Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.(Huanghai Shipbuilding) successfully delivered the 8,200 DWT multi-purpose vessel “Pelos Barnes” to the Mauritius Shipping Corporation Ltd (MSCL).

The ship has an overall length of 115.70m, a beam of 20.00m, a depth of 10.4m, a design draught of 7.10m, a structural draught of 8200 tons deadweight, and a service speed of 15 knots. The vessel is equipped with one Wartsila 8L32 four-stroke main engine 4640kW x 750rpm, CPP adjustable propeller, fitted with PTH, PTI function (can be operated without the main engine, and adopt PTH back to port mode at lower speed, use the shaft hair as motor to drive the shaft system and propeller to realize safe return to port). Meanwhile, the vessel is fitted with bow and stern side thrusters with small rotating radius, flexible and convenient, equipped with 2 sets of electric inverter 45-ton deck cranes, classed by RINA.

The vessel, which can carry a wide range of general cargo and dry bulk, as well as containers of various sizes in the holds and on the hatch covers, will be commissioned to provide cargo transportation services mainly sailing around the islands of Mauritius.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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