GSI Named and delivered the World’s Largest Luxury Ro-Ro Vessel Series No. 2

On December 19, MOBY LEGACY, a 2,500-passenger/3,850-meter-lane luxury Ro-Ro vessel built by CSSC Guangzhou Shipbuilding International (GSI) for Italy’s MOBY Line Shipping Company, was successfully set sail.

The vessel, with more than 70,000 gross tons, is one of the world’s largest luxur Ro-Ro vessels, and will be operated on the Mediterranean coastline between Genoa, Olbia and Livorno, Italy after delivery. Previously, the first ship of this type of luxury Ro-Ro vessel, MOBY FANTASY, sailed on April 14th this year.

“MOBY LEGACY” is 237 meters long, 33 meters wide and has a service speed of about 23.5 knots. There are 13 decks and 533 staterooms on board, with a capacity to carry 2,500 passengers and nearly 800 cars. The upper deck of the ship covers an area of about 16,000 square meters, of which the area of various restaurants and leisure and entertainment venues for tourists’ leisure reaches about 10,000 square meters. With interior decoration comparable to that of a luxury cruise ship, it is equivalent to a “five-star hotel on the sea” floating on the ocean.

“MOBY LEGACY is designed strictly in accordance with the concept of green environmental protection and efficient operation, which is a model of “green ship”. It is said that the ship is equipped with a new vehicle loading system, which allows direct access to the ship from the center door on the transom, and the two side doors on the ship’s side also allow access to the upper deck ramp, thus effectively improving loading and unloading efficiency. The ship is also equipped with a the latest hybrid scrubber system to ensure that its flue gas emissions meet environmental requirements.

Moreover, the vessel is equipped with an extremely low power consumption engine system, capable of achieving a maximum speed of 25 knots with low fuel consumption. In addition, it is equipped with an interface for LNG propulsion so that the ship owner can easily switch to LNG as the ship’s power fuel in the future, which will further reduce the ship’s pollutant emissions.

It is reported that GSI has been deeply cultivating in the field of luxury passenger and Ro-Ro ship construction for more than 20 years. The company has conquered the key core technologies such as weight and center of gravity control technology, vibration and noise control technology, safe return to port technology and painting process in the warm area of the upper building, formed a number of core patents for the design of passenger-roller ship, completely broke the monopoly of foreign technology, and gained a high degree of acceptance in the international market. It is reported that the interior of MOBY LEGACY has realized 100% localization in the whole process of design, manufacture and installation.

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