COSCO Shipping Lines rolls out green biofuels-based shipping solution

COSCO Shipping has presented Volvo’s Asia Pacific headquarters with its first Green Shipping Certificate for using COSCO Shipping’s new shipping product Hi ECO.

Facing the increasingly tightened decarbonization and emission reduction requirements of the European Union and the International Maritime Organization (IMO), major shipping companies around the world, in addition to the use of line optimization, energy-saving devices, lowering the speed and other emission reduction measures, have become inevitable choices to explore the green fuel refueling. Biofuel oil (a mixture of certified sustainable biodiesel and fuel oil) has become one of the most realistic and important choices for international shipowners due to its environmentally friendly, sustainable, easy-to-operate, and readily available characteristics.

COSCO Shipping said it has always been committed to promoting clean energy, green and sustainable development of ships and assisting customers in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Hi ECO, a green transportation product that utilizes green biofuels, is a solution that makes it easy for customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their freight shipments by reducing carbon emissions throughout Well To WAKE’s lifecycle. With this additional service, customers can book climate-friendly freight that meets their requirements for environmentally friendly transportation, the company said.

Swedish automaker Volvo is the first customer to sign up for green shipping services, and COSCO Shipping will provide intercontinental cargo transportation services for Volvo through its Hi ECO green service offerings, marking an important milestone for both parties.

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