The world’s first pure battery-powered container ship completed its four-party certification

Recently, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. completed the four-party certification ceremony for the world’s first large-scale pure battery-powered container ship for direct river-sea transport–Zhong Yuan Hai Yun Lv Shui 01 (Hull No. N997) which was invested by COSCO Shipping Development Co., Ltd.

With an overall length of 119.8 meters and a beam of 23.6 meters, the ship is equipped with 36 replaceable marine containerized batteries as the power source, which is equivalent to the load capacity of more than 800 new energy vehicles. The battery capacity of the ship is the largest in the world, and the preset battery capacity is much higher than that of the existing international/domestic ship types through the box-type mobile power supply for power exchange and renewal. The ship is a world leader in terms of the number of boxes, deadweight tons and battery capacity of purely electric container ships.

The vessel is a pure battery-powered container ships for direct river and sea transportation with independent intellectual property rights, which is independently researched, designed and constructed by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry. And it is also the largest electric ship project in terms of tonnage under construction in China and the first batch of green zero-carbon pilot ship type.

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