COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore Delivers M030 Module Project

Recently, the last four modules M05/M06/M07/M12 of the M030 project constructed by Cosco (Qidong) Offshore Co., Ltd. were delivered on schedule.

This is a contract awarded by VME Process Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. to COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore for the construction of the upper modules of the FPSO Maria Quiteria. The project is divided into four packages, RFQ-002,003,004,005, with a total of 11 modules of about 16,000 tons.

The main modules include F01 High/Low Pressure Venting Module, M05 Oil Separation and Stabilization Module, M06 Gas Dehydration and Desulfurization Module, M07 Produced Water and Chemical Injection Module, M08 Low Pressure Compression Module for Associated Gas, M10 Gas Recovery and Compression Module, M11 Seawater Filtration and Treatment Module, M12 Seawater Filtration Module, M14 High Pressure Compression Module for Associated Gas, as well as M15 Amino Liquid Collecting Skid and M34 Closed Drain Tank Skid.

M030 project is the first cooperation between COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore and VME general contractor, and the third cooperation between COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore with YINSON owner, which is of great significance for COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore to further consolidate and expand the module market.

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