Jianglong shipbuilding acquires 2 aquaculture workboats entering the Nordic market

Recently, Jianglong shipbuilding signed two 20-meter steel-aluminum composite aquaculture workboats with Moen Marin AS (Moen Marin) of Norway. And this is the first time for Jianglong shipbuilding to enter the Nordic market.

It is reported that Moen Marin is the world’s largest supplier of workboats for the aquaculture industry, and this signing is the first cooperation between the two parties.

The vessel is 21 meters in overall length, 12 meters in breadth and 5.1 meters in depth. It adopts hybrid power propulsion and catamaran type with good stability, excellent wave resistance and good platform stability in wind and waves. With reasonable spatial layout, the vessel has a spacious deck area and open operating space. It has good performance of low-temperature resistance, applicable to low-temperature and cold waters, and after delivery, it can effectively operate in Norway and other high-latitude sea areas, applicable to fishery and other high-intensity operations in complex sea areas, and provide favorable protection for fish farming.

In recent years, Jianglong shipbuilding is committed to developing modern, high-end, fast, multi-purpose vessels for the global market. At the same time, the company’s deep integration of national strategies, products are exported to Asia, the Middle East, West Africa and other more than 30 “Belt and Road” countries market. At present, Jianglong shipbuilding has successfully explored the markets of Australia, New Zealand and other developed countries.

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