Dalian Shipbuilding accelerates the construction of LNG vessel project

On December 1, CSSC Dalian Shipbuilding’s 175,000 m3 large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier project,which built for China Merchants Shipbuilding (CMST), was started work on the bottom-laying of the first vessel and the No. 2 vessel began its construction.

This series of vessels is the first series for Dalian Shipbuilding to enter the field of large LNG carrier construction, and is an important product for the strategic transformation of Dalian Shipbuilding’s LNG carriers.

With an overall length of 295 meters, a beam of 46.4 meters, a depth of 26.2 meters, a design draft of 11.5 meters, a design service speed of 19.5 knots, and a cargo hold capacity of 175,000 cubic meters, the vessel is able to berth at most of the world’s large-scale LNG terminals, and is characterized by excellent portability and ship-to-shore compatibility. The liquid cargo hold adopts GTT Mark III Flex cargo containment system solution, equipped with re-liquefaction device, which can handle LNG evaporated gas flexibly and efficiently, and is highly competitive in the market.

Base laying 7 days ahead of schedule for the first fabricated LNG carrier and the start of the 2nd ship on schedule are important milestones in the course of Dalian Shipbuilding’s LNG carrier construction, marking that the company has already possessed the ability to build large LNG carriers in batch.

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