CMES Releases “ShippingGPT” Shipping Model

Artificial Intelligence Generative (AIGC) is becoming the most mainstream trend of global digital technology, the digital economy has formally entered the era of artificial intelligence acceleration, and various industries are facing unprecedented changes and disruptions. As an important enterprise in the global shipping trade and transportation logistics industry, China Merchants Group attaches great importance to the application of digital technological innovation in industrial change, and has built an artificial intelligence platform based on the independently developed China Merchants Cloud, actively exploring the application of artificial intelligence in industrial digitization, with a focus on the finance, logistics, shipping, highway, ports and parks industry sectors.

After the emergence of pre-trained language large model (LLM), China Merchants Group attaches great importance to it, and formally takes “AI+” as an important innovation direction of the Group’s digitalization strategy, fully embracing the new round of artificial intelligence revolution. Relying on its own AI team, the Group has joined hands with AI partners in the industry, academia and research community to actively carry out exploration, research and technological research on LLM technology. Based on the leading industry knowledge and data in the field of transportation and logistics, as well as the technical team’s exploration and accumulation of LLM engineering practices, the Group has made every effort to create and gradually launch a series of industry LLMs in the field of transportation and logistics, including the “Way of Business” series of industry models.

On November 20, China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) announced the official release of the industry’s first shipping model, “ShippingGPT”, at the Third World Shipowners Conference held in Hong Kong, China. The shipping model “ShippingGPT” will be open to the world free of charge through the official online platform of the World Maritime Merchants Forum, “World Maritime Merchants” APP.

“ShippingGPT has compressed a huge amount of shipping and logistics knowledge, which can be used in the fields of ship and crew management, shipping market index query, market analysis and trend prediction, shipping law Q&A, green emission reduction, etc., and has the functions of searching and Q&A of shipping and logistics knowledge, and querying and Q&A of structured information of the shipping market. ShippingGPT can quickly generate answers and suggestions with logical framework, strategic judgment and professionalism to the professional questions raised by users in the shipping field.

The shipping industry has witnessed the pioneering and development of globalization, is one of the most important links in international trade, and is also one of the oldest industries in the world. Over the centuries, the shipping industry has deposited a large amount of professional knowledge and data information, and the release of “ShippingGPT” by China Merchants Shipping will awaken the dormant knowledge in the shipping industry. In the future, “ShippingGPT” will continue to present the greatness of the shipping industry to the world, provide professional and intelligent services to the world’s shippers on demand, and help the world’s shippers to ride the waves and sail away.

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