SMDERI’s Low Pressure Methanol Dual Fuel Medium Speed Engine Completes Principle Approval Tests

Recently, the low-pressure methanol dual-fuel engine independently researched and developed by Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research institute (SMDERI) under CSSC completed the principle approval test under the witness of the surveyor of CCS, realizing the design goal of the highest methanol substitution rate of not less than 60%, which marks another major breakthrough in the field of methanol medium-speed engine in SMDERI.

CS21DF-M2 methanol dual-fuel medium speed engine is based on methanol intake tract injection technology route, which realizes low-cost methanol dual-fuel transformation and upgrading by adding methanol injection valves and dual-fuel control system on mature CS21/32 diesel engine.

Based on the “Guidelines on Methanol Ethanol Fuel for Marine Applications”, CCS has carried out an on-site test to verify the engine security measures, dual-fuel mode switching, methanol substitution rate and other functions and performance indexes. The test shows that the maximum methanol substitution rate of not less than 60% can be realized under the common working condition (75% load). The successful completion of the principle certification test has laid a solid foundation for the low-pressure methanol dual-fuel medium-speed engine of SMDERI to form a product as soon as possible and push it to the market.

SMDERI actively responds to the requirements of the national dual-carbon strategy, and is accelerating the independent development of CS21DF-M high-pressure methanol dual-fuel medium-speed engine on the basis of the principle of the methanol direct injection medium-speed engine which has already gained the approval of the 90% substitution rate, and will provide more solutions for the decarbonization of the shipping industry in the future.

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