NACKS Named and Delivered a New 82,000-Ton Bulk Carrier

Recently, Nantong COSCO Shipping Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.(NACKS) named and delivered a new 82,000-ton bulk carrier independently developed by the company. Named “Ding Mu”, the new vessel has won wide acclaim from customers and the industry for its excellent performance and design.

It is understood that the new 82,000-ton bulk carrier is the upgraded version of NACKS’s original well-reputed Kamsarmax-class bulk carrier, which optimizes the hull line design and increases the cabin capacity, while giving full consideration to energy saving and environmental protection needs to meet the EEDI phase 3 requirements. The ship is also equipped with the company’s self-developed energy efficiency management system, which greatly improves the ship’s economy. This series of improvements not only reflects NACKS’s technological strength and sense of innovation, but also highlights the company’s determination and action in green environmental protection and energy saving.

The delivery of the first vessel Ding Mu marks another solid step for NACKS in its continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, injecting a new impetus for the development of China’s shipbuilding industry, and is of positive significance for further enhancing the corporate brand image and winning more business opportunities and development space.

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