Taizhou Sanfu Shipbuilding wins 2 orders for multipurpose (MPP) vessels

Germany’s Krey Schiffahrt has inked its first newbuildings in a decade with an order in Taizhou Sanfu Shipbuilding in China for two methanol-ready multipurpose (MPP) vessels, and Krey Schiffahrt’s order also includes two alternative vessels. The vessels have been ordered alongside orders for two similar ships for Hamburg-based shipowner Auerbach Schifffahrt. The new vessels are scheduled to be delivered between 2025 and 2026, with a single-vessel cost of about $30 million and a total order value of about $120 million.

Founded in the early 1990s by shipbuilding engineer Dr. Georg Krey, Krey Schiffahrt has been operating in the market for 30 years and now manages a fleet of modern multi-purpose vessels and heavy lift vessels with a capacity of 17,500 tons. The construction contract with Sanfu Shipbuilding is Krey Schiffahrt’s first order in the last ten years and the new vessels will be of methanol-ready design.

From Krey Schiffahrt’s website, we learned that the newly ordered Eco Trader multipurpose vessel has a deadweight of 12,250 tons and a speed of 15 knots, which meets the requirements of the Tier III rules and the third stage of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for ships. The new vessel is equipped with two cranes, each with a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tons. By optimizing the hull and equipping it with an innovative propulsion system, the new vessel reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 35% compared to vessels of the same tonnage, and is equipped with a vessel performance monitoring system and an energy management system. The large 76.5-meter-long (15,215-cubic-meter) unobstructed cargo hold allows for below-deck stowage of long equipment; the small cargo hold (1,685-cubic-meter) allows for the loading of virtually all categories of hazardous materials. Extended, fully flush hatch covers provide maximum loading capacity for any high cube of cargo.

Meanwhile, the new ship’s upper deck and double-deck pontoons feature a combination of folding and rolling hatch covers. In addition, an automatic anti-slippage system ensures efficient handling of low-weight cargoes.

Auerbach Schifffahrt said on its website that it has ordered its first multipurpose vessels of the F-500 series from an “experienced Chinese shipyard”. Since the beginning of 2012, Auerbach, in close collaboration with Briese and Krey Schiffahrt, has been working on the development of a new generation of vessels with maximum efficiency. In addition to optimizing the hull lines, the entire propulsion and energy system, including the main engine, propeller and rudder design, has been completely upgraded with the aim of saving as much fuel consumption as possible. At the same time, the partners placed special emphasis on flexibility and speed during the vessel’s operation and, on this basis, optimized the cargo hold concept with roofs, mezzanine decks and hatch covers with maximum load carrying capacity and decided on modern computer-controlled cranes.

Clarkson data shows that Sanfu Shipbuilding presently holds orders for a total of 43 vessels, with delivery schedules up to 2026. As one of Sanfu Shipbuilding’s main ship types, 22 multipurpose vessels are on hand orders, accounting for the largest proportion, followed by 12 container vessels, 4 product oil/chemical tankers, 4 bulk carriers and 1 special vessel (Hvy Dk Cargo) respectively. Earlier this year in August, Dutch company ETA Shipping ordered 6+10 7,400 dwt multipurpose general cargo vessels from Sanfu Shipbuilding through the newly established joint venture Mare Balticum, with the new vessels to be delivered in 2025, at a contract value of just under US$250 million, with a single-vessel price of about US$15 million.

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