CCS gives first approval for ship cyber security firewall

China Classification Society’s (CCS) Zhejiang Branch has issued the first type approval certificate of ship cyber security firewall to Supcon Ocean Technology (Zhejiang) Co.

With the development of digitalization in the shipping industry, vessels are becoming sophisticated hubs of connected systems and sensors that generate and exchange data both onboard and back to shore. This connectivity increases the need for cyber security and for ways of verifying the cyber safety of installed operating systems, information systems and navigation systems.

In April 2022, the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) released UR E26 “Cyber resilience of ships” and UR E27 “Cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment”, and the relevant requirements are about to be implemented.

To better serve customers, CCS successively released new versions of the “Guidelines for Requirements of Ship Cyber Security (2023)” and the “Guidelines for Inspection of Ship Network Firewall (2023)” since March 2023, to provide technical support for effectively meeting the cyber security requirements of ships and onboard systems.

As a ship cyber security device, the ship network firewall effectively improves the overall security performance of the ship network.

Supcon is a product and technology provider that serves several industries including oil and gas, chemical, power, shipping, etc.

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