Two crew transfer vessels bulit for MHO were successfully launched

Recently, two crew transfer vessels (ASA137/138) built by Afai Southern Shipyard(Panyu Guangzhou) Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as AFAI) for Danish shipowner MHO were successfully launched.

With an overall length of 35.8 meters, a beam of 11 meters and a draft of 1.7 meters, this project vessel is a renewed cooperation between AFAI and MHO. Based on the first batch of hybrid wind power operation and maintenance vessels, the project vessel has further optimized its design, eliminated the traditional diesel main engine, and relied on multiple generators and a set of lithium battery packs to drive the IPS propellers. This international advanced power system design, which forms a variety of power combination modes for the ship’s traveling and working conditions, will achieve significant results in energy saving and environmental protection. With its excellent energy-saving and environmental protection performance , the project vessel will also provide a stable guarantee for MHO’s future service enhancement in the field of offshore wind power operation and maintenance.

AFAI actively implements the national “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutral” strategies, and has undertaken the construction of a number of international and domestic medium- and high-end aluminum alloy professional crew transfer vessels, and is the earliest to intervene in the field of crew transfer vessels in China, and has undertaken to build the largest number of crew transfer vessels, and the only supplier of high-end aluminum alloy vessels exported to the international market. It crew transfer vessels, has built the largest number of crew transfer vessels, and is the only aluminum alloy ship supplier to export high-end CTVs to international market.

In the future, AFAI will continue to innovate technology, optimize products, and expand the market to provide more crew transfer vessels with outstanding performance, excellent quality and applicability for ship owners, and to lead and promote the high-quality development of domestic aluminum alloy crew transfer vessel design and construction field.

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