China’s first large-scale cruise ship “Adora Magic City” completed sea trial Successfully

On September 12, the much-anticipated “Adora Magic City” steadily docked at Pier 4 of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Company Limited, a subsidiary of CSSC. CSSC declared that after a trial voyage of 1,630 nautical miles in six days and five nights, China’s first large-scale cruise ship had met all the standards of all the validation projects for the completion of the trial voyage and had made a smooth triumph.

During the trial voyage, a total of 88 test projects were completed, involving 31 debugging programs, which comprehensively verified the ship’s maneuvering performance, automation level, navigational safety and comfort, and relevant emission indexes. The result of the trial voyage shows that all the performance indexes of China’s first large cruise ship “Adora Magic City” are in line with relevant regulations and norms, and meet the requirements of the contract and technical specifications, which have all been confirmed by the shipowner and the classification society. This means that “Adora Magic City” has been equipped with sailing conditions, laying a solid foundation for the naming and delivery of the ship at the end of the year.

With the 323.6-meter-long and 37.2-meter-wide,the cruise ship can accommodate a maximum of 5,246 guests. It has a luxury hotel, cinemas and a water park on board and with a gross tonnage of 135,500 tons.The cruise ship is classed by LR Lloyd’s Register.

As we all know, aircraft carriers, large cruise ships and large LNG carriers are regarded as the “three pearls” in the crown of the world’s shipbuilding industry, representing the “supreme level” of the global shipbuilding industry and symbolizing a country’s comprehensive national strength. The large cruise ship is also called a masterpiece in the industrial field, condensing the crystallization of modern industry and culture and art, and integrating high-end manufacturing and high-end service industry.

For a long time, large cruise ship R&D, design, construction technology and supply chain system have been monopolized by a few European countries. Nowadays, China Shipbuilding Group takes large cruise ship assembly and construction as a breakthrough, relying on industry-leading scientific and technological strength and innovation ability, gathering global resources, figuring out the development path of the whole industry chain to promote the cruise industry, and focusing on building a high-quality, high-level ecology of the local cruise industry, realizing a zero breakthrough, filling the technological gaps, and becoming the second pole for the construction of large cruise ships outside of Europe, which demonstrates the strong ability of Chinese shipbuilders to challenge the complex giant system engineering and the comprehensive national strength of China. This demonstrates Chinese shipbuilders’ strong ability to challenge complex giant system projects and China’s comprehensive national strength.

The successful construction of “Adora Magic City” is a significant practice of China Shipbuilding Group to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, accelerate digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, and promote the high-quality development of China’s shipbuilding industry, and also a landmark event in the great process of China’s construction of a maritime power and a shipbuilding power, which is of extraordinary significance.

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