Strategic Marine to build two new CTVs for LDA

Strategic Marine announced on July 4 that Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has placed an order for an additional pair of newly built 27M Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs), expanding its fleet from five to seven high-specification vessels. These additional new units, sister ships to Acti’Vent and Esti’Vent, will be constructed by Singapore based Strategic Marine, reinforcing the strong partnership between the two companies.

The new 27M Crew Transfer Vessels, inspired by the acclaimed StratCat 27 design, are meticulously crafted to handle the demanding conditions of offshore operations. Equipped with the latest technological advancements, these vessels promise top-tier performance, enhanced safety, and superior comfort. With the capability to transport 24 passengers, they are a reliable and sturdy choice for offshore wind farm support.

The two new CTVs are expected to be delivered early in 2025, marking another significant milestone in Louis Dreyfus Armateurs’ efforts to support the offshore renewable energy sector and Strategic Marine’s continued success in building top-quality vessels.

For over 170 years, LDA has specialized in providing custom industrial maritime solutions with high-added-value activities and integrated services to its clients, ranging from ship design and ship management to maritime operations, in the fields of transport, logistics, submarine cables and renewable energy. LDA is a French family-owned Group, offering a worldwide presence with over 3,000 staff and 100 vessels.

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