Fuchuan Yifan Delivers First LNG Fuel Tank Successfully

Recently, Fuchuan Yifan successfully delivered its first built 1800m³ LNG fuel tanks for 7500 CEU ro-ro vessels, marking another major breakthrough for Fuchuan Yifan to enter into the field of cryogenic container manufacturing field.

With the gradual implementation of global carbon emission reduction policies, LNG and other clean fuels have been widely used to replace traditional fuels in all walks of life. The LNG fuel tank is made of low-temperature and high-strength nine-nickel material, which is a highly challenging task for Fuchuan Yifan because of its high welding difficulty, strict process requirements, narrow space and high integration of equipment pipelines.

It is the first project for Fuchuan Yifan to enter the LNG fuel tank market, and also the first production project in Fujian Province in the field of LNG fuel tanks. The LNG fuel tank will be applied to the gas supply system of 7500 CEU ro-ro vessels of Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry.

Fuchuan Yifan is a national high-tech enterprise, which has strong and professional senior technical team strength and it has rich experience in making high-precision equipments and manufacturing strength in the field of green and clean energy. The completion of this LNG fuel tank means that Fuchuan Yifan’s ability to build this type of product is fully recognized by the LNG fuel tank market.

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