Sanfu Shipbuilding Delivers the First 11,000 DWT MPP Vessel “BBC LEER”

On May 23rd, Taizhou Sanfu Shipbuilding held a grand naming and delivery ceremony for the first 11000DWT multi-purpose (MPP) vessel “BBC LEER”.

The vessel is driven by a single fixed pitch propeller and low speed diesel engine, with two 250T Kringle cranes on the port side of the deck, with a maximum combined lifting weight of 500 tons.

In order to make cargo loading more flexible and convenient, the most notable feature of the MPP vessel is that the upper structure is arranged at the bow, and the depth of the cargo hold is greatly deepened, so that the single cabin capacity of the cargo hold and the open deck area are maximized.

The deck of the MPP vessel is installed flexibly and can be adjusted up and down in five positions, so the cargo suitability has been greatly improved.

This series of MPP vessels is of green, low-carbon and high-efficiency, which is jointly designed by Sanfu Shipbuilding and a Dutch design company.

Up till now, Sanfu Shipbuilding has signed orders for 15 MPP vessels in this series with shipowners.

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