China’s first self-developed methanol-fueled low-speed test machine successfully ignited

Recently, China’s first self-developed methanol-fueled low-speed testing machine developed by CSSC Power (Group) Corporation (CPGC) was successfully ignited and operated stably at the test base of China Shipbuilding Power Engineering Institute (CSPI).

This is the first time that the China’s self-developed methanol fuel technology and critical component and major component have been applied to low-speed machine.

It is reported that the testing machine adopts methanol/diesel dual-fueled in-cylinder high-pressure direct injection operation mode, which has the advantages of high methanol fuel substitution rate and flexible fuel switching. Its core components, methanol injector and methanol fuel supply system, are all independently developed by CPGC and produced by domestic supply chain.

As planned, after the completion of the ignition, the testing machine will continue to carry out experimental research on key technologies such as methanol combustion and emission optimization as well as the verification of self-developed critical component and major component, and support the development of a series of methanol low-speed product machines such as CPGC’s X92DF-M.

The successful ignition of China’s first methanol-fueled low-speed testing machine demonstrates CPGC’s innovative strength and practical achievements in green power, providing important support for the implementation of the national dual carbon strategy, accelerating the formation of new quality productivity in China’s ship power and fostering a new advantage in green and low-carbon development.

Meanwhile, it also lays the technical foundation and validation conditions for the subsequent continuous introduction of low-carbon and zero-carbon power that meets the development requirements of the green transformation of the shipping industry.

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