FRCIT delivers a 3,000 cbm LNG fuel tank

On May 20, Zhangjiagang Furui CIT (FRCIT) held a delivery ceremony to celebrate the successful delivery of the first 3,000 cbm LNG fuel tank for Mitsubishi’s LNG Fuel Tank Project for Bulk Carriers.

This LNG fuel tank will be sent to Imabari Shipyard in Japan to provide clean energy power for the latest Japanese bulk carriers.

The partnership between FRCIT and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began in 2018 when FRCIT supplied LNG fuel tanks and gas supply systems to Japan’s first LNG-powered PCTC vessel, the SAKURA LEADER.

FRCIT is a fully owned subsidiary company of Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co., Ltd., (Furui Group) specialized in the whole industry chain products and services of liquefaction, storage, transportation and application of natural gas to provide customers with one-stop overall solutions.

Its products range from LNG liquefaction plant, LNG / LH₂ / LOX / LIN / LAR / LCO₂ storage equipment, dewar cylinder and transportation equipment such as semi-trailer and ISO container, LNG refueling and regasification plant, regional intelligent gas supply system with speed tank/cryoease, modular energy equipment,skid, LNG/LNH₃/Methanol marine fuel tank, etc.

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