SunRui receives order for Filterless BWMS from Santoku Senpaku

On May 16th, Qingdao SunRui Marine Environment Engineering (SunRui) and Japan Santoku Senpaku held an order signing ceremony for BalClor® Smart filterless ballast water management system (BWMS) in Qingdao.

Mr. Fu Hongtian, Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of SunRui, and Mr. Wang Yinglai, General Manager of Marine Department of Santoku Senpaku attended the signing ceremony.

Santoku Senpaku is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and manages hundreds of ocean-going vessels.
Santoku Senpaku has maintained a good cooperative relationship with SunRui. Currently, the two sides have signed more than 30 ballast water management systems, and also have cooperation in marine LNG gas supply systems and other products.

The signing not only further deepens the cooperative relationship between the two sides, but also opens up a broader space for future cooperation.

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