Chengxi Shipyard Delivers China’s First 35-Meter Folding Rotor Sails

On May 1, Chengxi Shipyard, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), successfully delivered four sets of 35-meter folding rotor sails built for Anemoi Marine Technologies, marking the successful debut of the first batch of 35-meter folding marine rotor sails in China, Chengxi Shipyard has once again achieved significant results in energy saving and emission reduction, green energy development and construction.

The delivered project of four rotor sails is the first folding marine rotor sails tailored for Anemoi to be installed on a 388,000 dwt Valemax ore carrier, which allowing the collapsible spinnaker sails to be lowered vertically to reduce the impact on airflow and cargo handling operations.

The rotor sail contains glass steel cylinder, steel tower cylinder, base and other structures, with advanced hydraulic folding, automatic adjustment system. The Rotor sail has an overall height of 38 meters, an outer cylinder diameter of 5 meters, a top disc diameter of 10 meters and a total tonnage of 165 tons with a maximum design speed of 200 rpm.

Four hydraulic cylinders are configured under the base, and the cylinder can be tilted through the cylinder push-out structure, and the tilting angle reaches 89°, which is close to the horizontal.

According to Anemoi’s calculation, the rotor sail project is expected to achieve an annual energy saving effect of 10.7%, equivalent to reducing 1200-1500 tons of fuel use and 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and the energy saving and emission reduction effect is significant.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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