CCS Completed the First Cyber Security Type Approval for the Onboard Computer-based Systems in China

Recently, China Classification Society (CCS) issued the first type approval certificate in China for the computer monitoring and alarm system that meets the requirements of IACS URE27 to Supcon Ocean Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

With the development of digitalization and intelligence in ships, more and more control systems, communication and navigation systems, information management systems and equipment are continuously connected to the ship network, and the risk of ship cyber security is constantly increasing. It is the latest challenge faced by the shipping industry, ship equipment manufacturing industry, and classification society, and all parties are seeking solutions.

Supcon Ocean Technology (Zhejiang) has been committed to the R&D in ship cyber security solutions. By cooperating with CCS and DNV classification societies, the independently developed ship network firewalls, switches, isolation gateways, terminal guards, bastion machines, security management platforms, shipboard computers and ship integrated measurement, monitoring, alarm and control systems of Supcon Ocean Technology (Zhejiang) can provide a complete set of ship network security solutions.

In September of this year, CCS issued its first network security firewall type approval certificate. The release of this first ship computer system cyber security certificate marks a solid step for China’s shipbuilding industry in addressing the challenges of ship cyber security risks.

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