COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore’s new 600T gantry crane to be put into operation soon

Recently, COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore’s 600t-72/193m gantry crane formally completed the on-site inspection, and will be put into use. The No.2 600T gantry crane project is designed by CSSC Ninth Design & Research Institute(CSSC NDRI), general contracted by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Equipment (Nantong), and designed and built by COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore.

It is reported that the new 600T gantry crane is a major investment project approved in June this year, which can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of production in the dock for COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore. The company improved the structure of the hook reel row rope, from the technical design, construction program and other aspects of the fine planning, and efforts to safety, high quality and rapid to achieve the completion.

It is understood that the gantry crane will be used in the completed lengthening of the offshore dock. The total length of the modified dock has been extended from 170 meters to 400 meters, which can meet the construction of large FPSO.

The new 600T gantry crane and the original 600T gantry crane to be operated on separate tracks to implement the joint crane. The minimum joint crane distance is 19 meters, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 1000 tons. It will bring new opportunities for COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore’s production capacity layout.

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