The world’s first full-suspension, fixed-depth, highly typhoon-resistant aquaculture platform started construction

On December 18th, the project of “Hai Ta No.1”, a public test service platform for deep-sea culture net cage, was officially commenced in Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry.

“Hai Ta No. 1” has a diameter of 74 meters, a total height of 79 meters and a volume of 80,000 cubic meters. The platform is a floating power positioning net cage with the features of semi-submersible aquaculture, autonomous navigation to avoid typhoon, green energy supply, comfortable living, intelligent system control and etc.

The platform adopts submarine suspended depth fixation (SDF) technology, which is semi-submersible to withstand level 14 typhoon and fully submersible to withstand super typhoon. Moreover, it can withstand 19 meters of huge waves, and is applicable to the South China Sea from 20 kilometers to 300 kilometers offshore, with the functions of full submergence to avoid wind, multi-energy complementation, automatic feeding, breeding monitoring, wireless transmission, and the combination of fishery and tourism.

The platform was developed according to the overall performance, operating conditions and operational requirements of floating net boxes, and is the world’s first fully suspended fixed depth high typhoon resistant aquaculture platform, which is also one of the major scientific research devices to provide technical support for the development of offshore aquaculture and the transformation and upgrading of traditional aquaculture industry.

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