CIMC SOE wins order for one 12,500 m3 LNG refueling vessel

Recently, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co.,Ltd. (CIMC SOE) has signed a contract order for a 12,500 cubic meters LNG refueling vessel with the Spanish ship owner Scale Gas.

The project will be designed by CIMC SOE independently for conceptual design and production design. The vessel will have a loading capacity of 12,500 m3 of LNG, adopt electric propulsion system, and have good maneuverability, which can meet the high requirements of LNG refueling on vessel maneuvering. Also, the vessel will be designed to meet the latest specifications for ships and gas transportation refueling currently in force.

It is reported that as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) global shipping greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy continues to advance, the demand for new energy ships is increasing. With the accelerated transformation of green and low-carbon shipping, shipbuilding may usher in a new outbreak of LNG, a clean energy source whose greenhouse gas emissions from combustion are much lower than those of traditional fossil fuels, and is one of the most widely used new types of ship fuels at present.

CIMC SOE is the market leader in small and medium-sized liquefied gas carriers. It has delivered more than 40 liquefied gas carriers and refueling vessels of various types. And it can effectively provide customers with professional solutions for energy saving, environmental protection and technological innovation, and its product chain covers fully-pressurized, semi-cooled and semi-pressurized carriers of various liquefied gases, such as LNG, LPG and LEG, as well as LNG refueling and clean energy power carriers, etc. The company’s global market share is among the top, this year has been successively won a number of liquefied gas ship and clean energy ship orders, the overall orders in hand at present nearly 10 billion yuan.

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