Russia’s Vyborg Shipyard completes it’s first stage of modernization

Recently, Vyborg Shipyard, a subsidiary of Russia’s largest shipbuilder – United Shipbuilding Group (USC), announced the completion of the first stage of technical re-equipment. It is said that the shipyard’s workshop modernization project financing amounted to more than 500 million rubles (about RMB 39.9 million).

The first phase of the renovation work included the installation of new gantry machines and chute support equipment for cutting sheet and profile metal rolled parts.To meet the needs, the shipyard acquired about 100 new sets of welding equipment, presses, pipe-bending machines and dozens of power tools. Simultaneously, the Viborg shipyard has modernized its ship chute trolleys and technically renovated its workshops and departments. New machine tools for various purposes have been put into operation. Also, preparations are now under way for the purchase of up-to-date crane equipment.

Viborg Shipyard said that the technical modifications will allow for more efficient planning of production schedules and increased productivity and capacity. Upon completion of the second phase, which includes the reconstruction of the loading dock bay, the yard will be able to take orders for new vessels of larger size and dimensions.

Vyborg Shipyard will receive more than 500 million rubles ($39.9 million) for reconstruction of loading dock compartments, which is scheduled to be completed in 2026, reports Russian Shipping. According to the United Shipbuilding Group, the modernization will not only allow the yard to take orders for larger tonnage vessels in the future, but also new medium-tonnage vessels that may be suitable for a variety of purposes. The total cost of all the Vyborg Shipyard’s technological renovation projects, supported by the Russian Industrial Development Fund (IDF), is more than 1 billion rubles ($79.8 million).

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