BMT introduces full electric ferry design

BMT, a renowned leader in maritime design, unveils its new 140ft (42m) 100% electric EF-500 passenger ferry design at the prestigious ‘International WorkBoat Show’ in New Orleans. In response to the industry’s increasing demand for low and zero emission vessels, BMT’s latest design marks a significant addition to its diverse vessel portfolio and extensive range of innovative designs.

Featuring a 500-passenger and 4-crew capacity, this zero-emission vessel is tailored to meet the rising demand for hybrid or all-electric ferry options in the region.

The newly unveiled all-electric ferry boasts a low wake hull, featuring a simple, easily constructible design with a lightweight and durable aluminium structure. Its impressive capabilities include a range of 1 hour at 18 knots or 40 minutes at a top speed of 20 knots, making it an efficient choice for higher passenger capacity along coastal and restricted service routes.

BMT, known for its collaboration with industry-leading shipyards globally, emphasises its team’s expertise in hybrid ship design, especially in future and alternative fuels. The company aims to set a significant milestone in achieving net-zero emissions, addressing air pollution, congestion, and noise pollution on a global scale.

Having a remarkable track record in future and alternative fuel designs, BMT’s expertise is highlighted by the successful delivery of over 300 vessels operating worldwide. The company’s commitment to superior seakeeping across various and extreme weather conditions underscores its capability in designing highly optimised vessels.

As an independent design specialist, BMT provides specialist vessel design services to shipyards, vessel owners, and operators worldwide. Its dedicated team of naval architects, engineers, 3D modellers, and project managers utilises state-of-the-art software to ensure the highest quality engineering output.

With an unrivalled reputation for designing vessels that prioritise fuel efficiency and emission reduction, BMT’s many decades of innovations paves the way for a sustainable maritime future.

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