GSI’s First Methanol Dual Fuel Tanker Project to be Completed Soon

On November 22, the naming ceremony of Vessel No. 5 and Vessel No. 6, the 49,900-ton methanol dual-fuel chemical/product tankers built by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International (GSI) under China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) for StenaProman, was held jointly.

On November 23rd, No.5 vessel “STENA PROVIDENT” was signed and delivered, and No.6 vessel “STENA PROGRESSIVE” will be completed and delivered at the beginning of 2024. It marks that the first methanol dual-fuel tanker project built in GSI will be completed soon.

The vessel is a methanol dual-fuel MR tanker independently developed and designed by GSI. With an overall length of 186 meters, a beam of 32.2 meters, a depth of 18.35 meters, and a design draught of 11.5 meters, it is a world-leading green ship that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, highly efficient, and economical, and the first new environmentally friendly ship built domestically that adopts the power of methanol/fuel oil dual-fuel.

This series of vessels are equipped with the world’s leading methanol dual-fuel drive system, which can be driven by four fuel modes: fuel oil, fuel oil hydrate, methanol, and methanol hydrate, and is able to reduce exhaust gas pollution by controlling the fuel status. It is also configured with energy-saving devices such as front-guided wheels and eliminating vortex fins, which can effectively improve the propulsion efficiency, reduce the energy consumption, and cut down the cost of vessel operation.

During the construction process of the two vessels named this time, GSI has also overcome the technical problems such as “two-in-one” trial voyage in dual-fuel mode, the platform line circular section assembly, and the special coating of Marineline paint in the cargo tanks, thus realizing the improvement of the construction quality and breakthroughs in the construction efficiency.

According to reports, the cooperation between GSI and STENA has been more than 10 years, in this currently has built and delivered 13 50,000 tons tankers for STENA.

GSI has long been committed to the research, development and construction of green ships, and currently has constructed 66 dual-fuel vessels covering a wide range of ship types such as oil tankers, passenger roll-on/roll-off vessels, container ships and car carriers. After the completion of the project, it will continue to build 10 methanol dual-fuel oil tankers.

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