CSSC Chengxi Shipbuilding launched new ship type and signed new order

On November 22nd, the self-developed ship type launching and brand ship type promotion meeting of CSSC Chengxi Shipbuilding was held in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province.

In the promotion meeting, CSSC Chengxi Shipbuilding named its self-developed ship type 80,000-ton bulk carrier and 50,000-ton oil tanker series as “Lanjing” series and “Hongyun” series respectively.

The “Lanjing” series is an 80,000-ton bulk carrier, named “Whale” in English, and “Whale” is a symbol of tolerance, wisdom and friendliness, synonymous with rich pursuit and courage. The 80,000-ton bulk carrier self-developed by CSSC Chengxi is just like a blue whale with a large cabin capacity, which is more reliable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The “Hongyun” series is a 50,000-ton oil tanker, named “Fortune” in English, which means heavenly fortune and prosperous fortune, and is a symbol of all the success and unceasing wealth on earth. The performance indexes of this type of ship is comparable to the international advanced level.

It is understood that CSSC Chengxi has formed seven major brand ship types, namely bulk carrier, container ship, oil and chemical tanker, asphalt ship, wood chip ship, heavylift ship and ship unloader, realizing the deep transformation from a single bulk carrier to seven major brand ship types.

In the market segments, CSSC Chengxi maintains a leading position in the global market share of self-unloading vessels, asphalt vessels and wood chip vessels. The 64,000-ton wood chip ship, 85,000-ton bulk carrier, 910 TEU reefer container ship and 62,000-ton heavy lift multi-purpose ship constructed by CSSC Chengxi have won a number of awards from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) World Famous Ships Catalogue.

It is worth mentioning that in the promotion meeting, CSSC Chengxi also signed a newbuilding order for 82,600-ton bulk carrier with ICBC Financial Leasing Co. This type of vessel has become a leader in its class by virtue of its large loading capacity which can meet the EEDI III standard specification without a shaft-belt generator.

It is reported that this year, CSSC Chengxi has undertaken a total of 31 new shipbuilding, of which self-developed ship type orders accounted for more than 60%.

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