RHM Signed the First Order of Alumina Pneumatic Ship Unloader in China

Recently, Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co., Ltd.(RHM), Jiangsu Rainbow Heavy Industries Co ., Ltd. (RHI), has successfully signed the first set of domestic alumina pneumatic ship unloader order with a domestic customer in the new chemical material industry. And RHM will independently develop and build 2 sets of GENMA pneumatic ship unloaders with a rated operating efficiency of 400 tons/hour, which are suitable for alumina powder unloading.

The awarded GENMA Alumina Pneumatic Ship Unloader features pipe expansion and contraction, slewing, tilting, and large vehicle walking. The equipment can realize intelligent and smooth suction by adopting self-adaptive suction + PLC control system, which can satisfy the customer’s demand for continuity, stability and high efficiency of bulk material unloading operation.

In addition, focusing on the characteristics of alumina powder, such as fine particles, easy to dust, easy to spread material, GENMA alumina pneumatic ship unloader adopts a special design for the connection of the pick-up pipe, which can ensure the tightness seal of the pick-up pipe while the equipment is free to work on the arm, avoiding the leakage of powder in the unloading process of the bulk material, and improving the environmental protection of the equipment operation, and at the same time, avoiding the loss of material.

The successful signing of the order marks that RHM will break the monopoly of foreign technology in the alumina pneumatic ship unloader project, realizing a new breakthrough in domestic bulk material intelligent loading and unloading technology.

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