CMES and CMI signed orders for multi-type vessels

On November 13, China Merchants Industry Holdings Limited (CMI) and China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) held a signing ceremony for a series of orders for multiple types of vessels, further joining hands to deepen the strategic synergy within the Group.

The contracted includes four 7,800-car methanol dual-fuel car carriers (PCTC), 2+2 62,000-ton multipurpose heavy lift vessels and 2+2 82,000-ton bulk carriers. Among them, CIM Haimen shipyard and CIM Nanjing Jinling Yard will build two 7800 PCTCs respectively, and the heavy lift vessels and bulk carriers projects are all built by Nanjing Jinling Yard.

According to the announcement released by CMES on November 13, the total value of the eight new ship orders is $508 million (about RMB 3.704 billion). Among them, two 82,000 dwt dry bulk carriers and two 62,000 dwt multi-purpose vessels shipbuilding amounted to a total of $160 million, the delivery schedule is the second half of 2025 to the end of 2026. The other four 7,800 CEU methanol dual-fuel PCTCs were built at a combined cost of approximately US$348 million, with a delivery date in the third quarter of 2026.

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