Beihai Shipbuilding commenced construction of large-scale aquaculture ship “CONSON 2-2”

On November 10th, the construction starting ceremony for Intelligent Fisheries large-scale aquaculture vessel No. 003 “CONSON 2-2” built for CONSON CSSC (Qingdao) Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. was held in CSSC Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

This vessel is the “sister” vessel of Qingdao Conson Development Intelligent Fishery Large-scale Aquaculture Vessel No. 002 “CONSON 2-1”, which was commenced on September 8. With the same technical parameters, and it is a new type of vessel based on the construction and operation of “CONSON 2-1”, the world’s first 100,000-ton-class smart fishery large-scale aquaculture vessel. “It is a new type of vessel which is upgraded on the basis of the construction and operation of Guoxin No. 1, the first 100,000-ton intelligent fishery large-scale aquaculture vessel in the world.

On May 27, 2023, CONSON CSSC (Qingdao) Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. and Beihai Shipbuilding held the signing ceremony for the construction of the world’s first 150,000-ton intelligent fishery large-scale aquaculture workboats – “CONSON 2-1” and “CONSON 2-2”. “CONSON 2-1” and “CONSON 2-2”. “Guoxin 2-1” and “Guoxin 2-2” are the second and third aquaculture vessels in the series of intelligent fishery large-scale aquaculture vessels, and the investment in the project is about 632 million RMB for a single vessel.

The ship has a length of 244.9 meters, a displacement of 142,000 tons, a total of 21 aquaculture compartments, and a culture water body of nearly 100,000 cubic meters, and carries out the aquaculture of famous and high-quality fish species such as yellow croaker in the mode of “ship-carrying compartments” with a design of an annual output of 3,700 tons of high-quality fish. Meanwhile, the preparatory work for the new vessel types “Conson 2-4” and “Conson 2-5”, which have the function of deep water extraction and can cultivate cold-water fish such as Atlantic salmon, is also being pushed forward in full swing.

The world’s first 100,000-ton intelligent aquaculture ship, Conson No 1, was launched from Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co on Jan 25 after 392 days of construction. The vessel invests about 450 million yuan, with a length of 249.9 meters, a displacement of 130,000 tons, 15 aquaculture chambers, and nearly 90,000 cubic meters of aquaculture water, and carries out the aquaculture of famous and high-quality aquaculture fish species such as yellowtail, grouper, Atlantic salmon, yellowtail and etc. in the mode of “ship-carrying cabin aquaculture”, and is designed to annually produce 3,700 tons of high-quality fish. The farm ship can effectively utilize the deep and distant sea suitable for long-term cruise-type farming, to avoid typhoons, red tides and other natural disasters, also known as the “mobile sea ranch”.

“CONSON 1” is the experiment and exploration of deep-sea aquaculture, while “CONSON 2-1” and “CONSON 2-2”, which started construction one after another, are the new “PRO” version of the mobile sea ranch. The new “PRO” version, with more than 160 optimizations and upgrades to the overall design of the vessel, functional zoning, new energy utilization, etc., marks the entry of the large-scale aquaculture vessel for deep-sea intelligent fishery into the 2.0 era.

The whole design of the vessel has been optimized and improved in terms of structure, compartments, systems and equipments. Compared with Vessel No.1, there are 4 additional circular runway culture compartments and 2 independent culture compartments, and the volume of cultured water has been increased by about 16,000m³; the culture and processing systems have been newly designed and laid out, and the production and processing flow has been made more scientific and reasonable; the newly added solar photovoltaic system has effectively reduced the ship’s energy consumption; the design crew has been increased by 25 persons, which The fish production and processing capacity has been improved; the cabin structure has been adjusted from four to three layers, and the main equipment has been upgraded and strengthened in terms of both quantity and parameters.

With the construction of “CONSON 2-2” officially started, the project has been fully transferred to the stage of actual ship construction. In the future, Beihai Shipbuilding will carefully lay out the plan and tasks, coordinate the planning of resources, and solidly promote the basic management to ensure that the upgraded version of the new type of aquaculture vessels will be delivered on schedule and with high quality.

It is worth noting that the world’s first 300,000-ton-class aquaculture vessel developed by Qingdao Conson Development Co, has also received a certificate of approval in principle from China Classification Society (CCS). Therefore, Qingdao Conson Development Co, is launching the R&D and design of the 300,000-ton-class super-large aquaculture vessel, and has carried out the model tests on wave resistance and the swaying of aquaculture tanks.

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