Ulstein to deliver concept design for fuel-efficient cable layer

Ulstein Design & Solutions has secured a contract with Singapore-based Megamas Resources in partnership with Renaissance Technologies (RTM) to deliver the conceptual design of a fuel-efficient cable laying and repair vessel.

According to Ulstein, the decision was taken in view of the shortage of cable vessels, as well as an aging fleet in the submarine cable industry.

Megamas Resources will be introducing two newbuilds, with the first expected to be ready for service in early 2026, to fill the gap in meeting the industry demands.

”We are happy to announce that together with the experts from Ulstein, the submarine cable industry will soon be able to enjoy not one but two, newly built, state of the art, high-performance cable ships. We aim to deliver excellence beyond boundaries with green solutions to our existing and potential clients in the submarine cable industry,” said Tiew Sien Kheng, Megamas Resources Managing Director.

The vessel is designed for the laying and maintenance of submarine cables, both fiber-optic telecommunication cables and power cables, covering the inter-array and export power cables for offshore wind farms.

It will be 120 meters long with a beam of 23 meters, and will be able to accommodate 70 people, with a deadweight capacity of 8,000 tonnes, and to achieve a passage speed of 14 knots.

The cable vessel is DP2 Class and can operate in shallow water down to 15 meters, Ulstedin said, adding that it also has a built-in advanced acoustic sonar capable of producing seabed maps quicker and with greater quality, hence reducing survey time and cost.

The vessel will be equipped with two cable tanks, one of which will be fitted with a carousel system and a guided spooler, as well as an integral hangar enabling operations and sheltered maintenance of trenching (TROV) and an A-Frame for plough deployment over the stern.

“Our vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations and to secure the shipowner long-term competitiveness. We are dedicated to providing designs for cost-efficient vessel operations, taking into account the safety and comfort of the crew and the efficiency of operations,” said Rolf Petter Almli, Sales Manager at Ulstein Design & Solutions.

Ulstein also recently secured a contract with Fugro to redesign and convert two platform supply vessels (PSVs) into geotechnical vessels.

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