Cuba’s CDC Shipyard commissions 22,000-ton lifting floating dock built by Huarun Dadong Dockyard

On October 27, local time, the President of Cuba, Mr. Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, inspected the production and operation of the floating dock at CDC Shipyard in Cuba.

The 22,000-ton lifting floating dock is built by Shanghai Huarun Dadong Dockyard Co. LTD., and was delivered on October 24. On the first day of operation, a 7,500-ton bulk carrier was already in the dock for repairs.

Located at CDC Shipyard in the northeast corner of Havana Bay, Cuba Floating Dock is the largest and most advanced floating dock in Cuba currently. The dock is 240 meters long, 48 meters wide, and has a lifting capacity of 22,000 tons.In November 2017, Huarun Dadong Dockyard began construction, which was completed and delivered on April 29, 2019, and shipped to CDC Shipyard in Cuba at the end of 2019. However, due to the epidemic and many other factors, the maximum sinking of the floating dock and the commissioning of the actual vessel into the dock could not be completed.In September 2023, the relevant parties in Cuba decided to resume the commissioning of the floating dock to complete the final work before the commissioning.

With the commissioning of this floating dock, CDC Shipyard will be able to repair vessels up to 22,000 tons net weight, and its production capacity has been significantly increased, which will surely lead to a bright future for the Cuban shipyard.

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