CPGC and GSI Signed the 1000th Medium Speed Engine for Ships

On October 25, a signing ceremony for the 1,000th marine medium-speed genset was held between CSSC Power(Group) Co.,Ltd (CPGC) and Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd(GSI).

The contracted marine medium-speed engine, which adopts LNG dual-fuel power, features outstanding advantages of high efficiency, cleanliness and stable environmental performance, and will be applied to the 110,000-ton LNG dual-fuel tanker built by GSI for EPS Shipping Company.

It is reported that CSSC Marine Power Zhenjiang under CPGC has signed 860 sets of medium-speed engines with GSI, 139 sets of medium-speed engines with Anqing CSSC Diesel Engine under CPGC, 82 sets of low-speed engines with CSSC-MES Diesel under CPGC, and 28 sets of low-speed engines with Hudong Heavy Machinery under CPGC. The cooperation between the two parties covers all kinds of main ship buildings of GSI.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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